Document, Don't Create (Inspired By Gary Vaynerchuck)
by Jeff Coga
From the Desk of Jeff Coga
Re: Here's Why I Put A Camera In My Office

In 2009 I discovered Gary Vaynerhuck speak at an event in Florida. 

At that time, I did not know who he was. 

All I thought to myself was...

"This dude just threw a verbal punch at the 1 Billion Dollar Man*"

*1B Man is a nick name for a guy named Jay Abraham. 

It was funny and breath of fresh air. 

I don't really remember much of Gary Vee's talk other than his story of 'what's the ROI of social media'. 

Why did I remember that? 

Gary explained that the ROI of social media is like asking...

"What's the ROI of your mom?"

Being a momma's boy I was like... YOU CAN'T.

That hooked me to follow his advice. 

And I went all in on social media.

My first video I did was in January 9, 2009. 

I decided to do a 'screen capture' type of video because I didn't want to go on camera. 

I looked like a 16 year old kid and I wanted to talk about why we just had the Great Recession.

Here's the first video I did...

I talked about Collateral Debt Obligations of all things.
Using social media I finally had a competitive advantage over my competition. 

Here I want to say every thing took off and some how I made it. 

But the truth is...

I haven't yet.

And before I tell you where I am now. 

Let me hope into the Delorean and go back to the darkest time of my life.

*getting into the Delorean*
*flux capacitor - yup check*
*let's go*

Back in 2008 when the great recession of the millennial generation hit I was 22 years old and I was...

- living in my car
- couch surfing
- eating top ramen
- over weight
- stressed
- depressed

And ... I was lost. 

I never experienced anything like it. 

I didn't grow up in the 'ghetto'. 

I didn't even struggle growing up. 

I grew up in little suburb city of Los Angeles called West Covina. 

Life was normal...

I had a roof over my shoulder.
I had clothes on my back.
I never went hungry.

The only thing that was probably considered 'not normal' was, my parents divorced when I was in 5th grade. 

Other than that ... life was normal. 

After graduating high school in 2003 I entered into the work force, working in the insurance and financial world and learned really quick what 'paying your own bills meant'. 

Then in 2004 I discovered something I fell in love with, real estate. 

During this time in America, especially Los Angeles...

EVERYONE was a 'real estate investor'. 

You knew someone who was flipping houses and making the 'big bucks'

I joined the gravy train and bought my first 'flip' at 19. 

Here's a picture of me when I was 19 infront of my first house.
Here’s the thing about getting into real estate at a young age. You make A LOT of money…FAST (if you're good).

When you get your hands on ‘fast-easy money’ at a young age – typically this happens. 
#1). You become humble and appreciate how great of country we live in.
#2). You become a pompous arrogant prick.
Guess what happened to me?
If you guessed #2 you’re 100% correct. 🙂
Just to prove it to you, here’s a picture of me ‘flashing money’ thinking it was cool and posting it on MySpace* (*MySpace was the ‘original’ Facebook).
Then the ‘game changed’…

The real estate market crashed. I lost everything. I’m sure anyone who was in the business that was doing anything… was impacted by this crash.

Then I went into the ‘transformation’ phase of my life.

And one of the earliest transformation was learning about social media.

This all started from a conference in Florida in 2009.

Let me hope into the Delorean and go back to present.
*getting into the Delorean*
*flux capacitor - yup check*
*let's go*

Back to May 5th, 2017 as I write this. 

One of the guys who made me go all in on social media was Gary Vaynerchuk. 

At this moment in time...

I wish I could say...

"Because of Gary, I'm a multi-millionare"


"Because of Gary, I have a booming business"

The truth is...

After 5 different business partners, hiring and firing over 50+ team members, law suits, scandals, and so much more. 

I'm building a company back up again. 

Yeah, it's my 3x time around. 

Hopefully this time around it will be better. 


This 3rd time... I'm going to take Gary's advice like I did in 2008. 

This time, I'm going to document my journey.

Here's the video Gary Vaynerchuck made recently
This is why I decided to put a camera in my office as I go for the 3rd time building a company. 

I know it won't be easy, the first 2x wasn't.
I know it won't go the way I planned, I learned that it never does.
I know nothing is guaranteed, but I don't want to ever think 'what if'. 

If you got to this far, please go here and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'll be streaming live every day.

If you have any quesions, feel free to reach out to me. 

I don't have everything figured out yet but...

Some way I will. 

Thank you for reading, if you got this far. 

Talk to you soon,

Jeff Coga

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